Sales Training Courses, Sales Training Videos, Sales Improvement.

Sales Training Courses, Sales Training Videos, Sales Improvement Consultancy.

Sales Training CoursesThere’s more to us than just sales training courses!

We provide short, punchy online sales training videos as well as live in-company sales training courses but sales improvements don’t necessarily require a training solution.

There are lots of simple fixes we can apply to get your sales to where you want them to be. And with our experience of working with dozens of large and small sales teams over 30 years, it’s our job to identify which solutions apply to which situation.

Our expert consultants will look at the entirety of the way your team goes about selling. We start off by asking why you feel your sales are not where you want them and then look at your sales lead generation, sales processes and your salespeople and their skill sets before discussing with you how to make improvements.

    • For example, at one of our clients, the quality of the web leads was poor so conversion was low. A few simple qualifying tweaks to the contact us form meant fewer but higher quality leads. So the next item on the agenda was working how to increase the volume of leads – a much simpler problem to solve!
    • At another client, Salesforce was being used in a haphazard manner so the sales process was breaking down. Everyone was using the system differently! Not our specialism but we recommended a Salesforce training course for the whole team.
    • We frequently find that sales teams don’t have a uniform, “steps of the sale” process in place which makes it difficult to capture and bottle the processes used by your top salespeople. A quick fix for us!
    • A number of clients ask us to audit their salespeople to make sure they’re in the correct roles for their personalities and talents. We make recommendations as to whether someone should be moved into customer service or engineering etc.
    • And of course we’re famous for our ever popular bespoke, in-company sales training courses for both field sales and telesales staff which change behaviours and remotivate your sales people.

How We Get Started.

We have to blend the needs of the sponsoring manager, the organisation’s culture and the personalities and experience of your team. That applies to both field and telesales situations and on-the-job coaching.

It all starts with an insightful needs analysis where our trainer observes your team at work, identifying how improvements could be made.

Following the needs analysis, we’ll agree a brief with the sponsoring manager. Then we’ll tailor a solution, specifically for your team.

From our end, it’s intense work while for the sponsoring manager we try to make it as easy and time efficient as possible. And you can be involved as much or as little as you like!

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Making Live Sales Training Courses A Success.

The secret to a high payback training event is to get the needs analysis right.

Experience shows us that your most experienced salespeople often feel they don’t need training and will work hard to avoid being assessed! Equally your less productive team members may be embarrassed and try to wriggle out of the needs analysis.

So we ask you to motivate them to participate by suggesting they’ve been specially selected for observation and that the trainer is only looking for areas where incremental improvements can be made.

The chances are that across the sample, we’ll be able to improve a number of skills including questioning, listening, the use of features and benefits, vocabulary and closing. But let’s wait and see – every team is a bit different.

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