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If you’re looking for sales training to help your team win more, higher value orders and improve motivation, you’ve come to the right place!

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Picture The Scene.

More, higher quality sales from a super-motivated team has to be the goal of every sales manager. Our years of experience coupled with our enjoyable training style will deliver just that!

Picture the scene post training: your superstars achieving personal bests, your mid-fielders chasing hot on the heels of your superstars and your plodders stretching themselves to the limits of their ability.

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Sales Training Success.

Our sales training success lies in 3 key elements.

First is our innate understanding of the shelf-life of selling skills. Salespeople do the same tasks every day so their ability becomes dulled through repetition. We compare it to a chef’s knife. It becomes more blunt the more it cuts. So we’ve measured on average how long it takes for salespeople to become reliant on features rather than benefits; at what point their questioning skills default to closed rather than open; when they lose the ability to listen accurately and when closing becomes weak or non-existent.

That means we can quickly pinpoint and address the sales training needs of your team members.

The second element of our success lies in our training methodology. It’s designed to make learning and relearning every day sales skills a fun yet challenging experience. It’s highly interactive with lots of exercises, games and roleplays where we build on each team member’s existing knowledge and coax and steer them to new levels of performance.

And the third element lies in the tailorability of our training. We work tirelessly to write your company culture, values and products/services into both our materials and our delivery.

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