Business To Business Sales Training

business to business sales trainingWhen you decide to commission business to business sales training for your team, you’ll want to ensure it’s the right blend of industry and corporate culture.

Our trainers have delivered education to all kinds of B2B teams. We’ve trained mighty enterprises such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard SAP and Oracle, to SKY Business, Societe Generale Asset Management, Goldman Sachs, Vauxhall and more. And we’ve also taken that top class attitude to many SME’s too!

The point is that our experience means we can deliver credible business to business sales training to your people.

We will often understand the norms of your industry which results in course material that is relevant and highly practical. We can add value, too, by suggesting your team tries techniques we have seen used in other sectors, an invaluable addition to the sales toolbox!

Familiarity with the B2B prospecting process and both simple, relatively low value corporate sales and the steps of an extended, multi-decision-maker, high value sale also enable us to provide meaningful and stretching tailored courses.

What Makes Our Business To Business Sales Training Special.

Apart from our experience in multiple sectors, we’re special because our methodology makes learning fun!

Using a training methodology that engages all the senses, we discreetly steer your learners to work out their own responses to everyday B2B sales challenges using our structured approached to selling. After all, if your professionals feel they’ve discovered the answers for themselves and demonstrated then in exercises and role plays, they’re much more likely to apply them in the field.

Making The Training Stick.

We’ll structure your training programme so that your sales managers can be equipped to continue to deliver the skills in the field or you can ask us to do it if you prefer.

It’s your choice!
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How Much Budget Will I Need?

As all our training is tailored to the specific needs of your salespeople, it’s a little difficult to say without “speccing it out.”

None the less, our tailored, in-company B2B sales training often comes in at a similar price to sending your team on a public course.

The best way to find out the exact cost in your situation is to give us a call on XXX XXX or get in touch via our contact form.

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We’ll be happy to help you build a budget following an initial discussion.