Business To Consumer Sales Training

business to consumer sales trainingWe’ve got to be your first choice if you’re looking for business to consumer sales training. If for no other reason than our enthusiasm for the subject!

And of course because we’ll help your sales team win more, higher value sales.

We’re big fans of ethical selling to consumers. Our training team has experience of selling door to door book club membership, in-college educational sales, in-home fitted bedroom sales, telesales of insurance, gas, electricity and lots more!

We favour a structured approach to B2C transactions, with the focus on treating customers fairly.

By using a transparent, step-by-step sales process, we can ensure we’re selling ethically and compliantly with the many types of consumer protection we encounter.

Whether you prefer a 12 point, 16 point or 24 point sales plan, we’ll incorporate it into our tailored business to consumer sales training to make sure it’s relevant and credible to your staff.

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What Makes Our Business To Consumer Sales Training Special?

Our business to consumer sales training is special for 2 important reasons.

First, our B2C experience enables us to tailor our exercises, role plays and materials to the reality of your salespeoples’ jobs. This material is then woven into the whole training course to enable your learners to stretch themselves.

Second, our creative, inclusive training methodology allows everyone to make mistakes in a safe environment so they can learn and move forward. We also make the training fun, using music, fragrances, flavours and gizmos to get our points across.

You have to see how it works to really “get” it. So why not call us now on XXX XXXX or make contact with the form and we’ll come and show you the difference.

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