Field Sales Training

Field Sales Training.

field sales trainingYou’re going to expect field sales training that really changes behavior and gives you a return on investment. And we’re the educators to achieve just that on your behalf.

We’ve delivered field sales training in financial services, IT, advertising, direct sales and many more sectors, so we really know what works.

Using our high energy, interactive training techniques, we aim to win your team’s buy-in to new ideas and new approaches to old ideas.

Our learning methodology succeeds by steering your people to investigate ways to handle every day sales challenges. Only better, more effectively and more profitably. And because we guide your learners to find their own solutions to those challenges and create the opportunity for them to practice their new skills, they feel more natural and easier to adopt. After all, people don’t argue with their own data!

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Types Of Field Sales Training And Our Philosophy.

We can adapt our training style to most types of sales cultures. From soft and gentle to the iron hand in the velvet glove.

However at the core of our philosophy is the desire to treat customers fairly.

That means we teach techniques for high quality sales. You might describe this part of our philosophy as “selling goods that don’t come back to customers who do.” The same applies to services, too!

It’s important to us to maintain high ethical standards and we hope you’ll feel the same way.

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Field Sales Training Markets.

We’re able to provide meaningful, behaviour changing field sales training in both business to business and business to consumer markets. We’re experienced in high value sales to corporates and SME’s as well as selling direct to the public either in-office or in-home.

Each of these sectors has its own nuances. For example in the way salespeople plan for each interaction, in the greeting and in identifying the decision-making unit. None the less, at their core, they all share the need for great questioning, focused listening and the presentation of the relevant features and benefits.

Furthermore, each of our clients’ corporate cultures demands a different style of approach. So you can rely on us to tailor your material to reflect your organisation and your market. We’ll write exercises and role plays to help your team stretch their selling skills in environments with which they’re familiar. There’ll be no “sell me this pen”activities in our training (unless you sell pens)!

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How We Start Building Your Field Sales Training Programme.

It all begins by us taking a rough brief from the sponsoring manager where we leave plenty of wriggle room for what comes next.

This is followed by our trainer carrying out a needs analysis, accompanying a varied sample of your salespeople in the field to observe what they do. We’re looking for areas where performance can be improved and our fresh eyes often spot development areas where line managers are too close to the situation to see them.

The needs analysis completed, the brief is negotiated with the sponsoring manager to ensure we’re all in agreement as to what needs to be covered in the training and how much weight should be given to each subject.

From there, our trainer will go away and write your training programme for your subsequent editing and approval. You can be involved as much or as little as you like!

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