How Our Sales Training Is Different

Where sales training is the right solution for your sales improvement needs, you’ll find we’re different for 3 key reasons:

  • Our methodology
  • Expert tailorability
  • Our trainers

Sales Training Courses – Our Methodology.

sales training coursesThe sales training courses we create for you are highly interactive. Our goal is to guide your salespeople to come up with their own solutions to everyday sales challenges. After all, if they feel they’ve developed the answers themselves, they’re more likely to implement them!

Our delivery style engages all the senses (yes, even smell)! We use lots of colour, music, knickknacks, sweets and scents for proven educational reasons. We use every angle we can to create a non-threatening, behaviour changing training experience. So a sensory memory “hook” for every team member, whatever their learning style is our aim.

Our training style is inclusive and non-threatening. That’s because not every salesperson is comfortable in a traditional learning environment. We’ll love your theatrical team members. But we also have a responsibility to your wallflowers. No-one gets picked on or humiliated and everybody gets to be the champion some of the time.

We’ve proven the value of our training and we’d like to prove it to you too. We’ve worked with the world’s largest IT companies; with many of Britain’s greatest financial services and insurance companies; with mighty broadcasters, airlines and dozens of SME’s. So we know we can deliver for you.

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Many training organisations claim to offer tailored training. But our high level business experience enables us to take tailorability to another level. And this experience enables us to quickly assimilate your products/services and how they fit into your market. The result is meaningful exercises and role plays that your team will really buy into.

Your team will love applying skills such as questioning, listening and using features and benefits specifically to their products and services in our sales training courses. It’s meaningful and practical. And gets results.

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Our Trainers.

Our trainers are salespeople who also have the wider perspective afforded by having run their own companies. In addition, they are all graduates of America’s “Creative Training Techniques” programme. That results in our provision of accurately tailored materials, exercises and role plays built around your customers’ expectations, your products or services and your corporate culture.

We’re fully versed in the latest adult educational techniques and are focused on achieving profitable behavioural changes for our clients. But we’re not old-fashioned teachers. We’re salespeople who know how to train!

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How To Find Out More.

Just hit the contact button! We’ll be delighted to show you examples of course materials we have delivered to internationally respected organisations.

You can see workbooks, examine some of our kit and meet one of our trainers. So you can see at first hand how we can make your team even more successful.

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