Telesales Training

telesales trainingWhat a telesales training pedigree!

We’re the people who invented Indian call centres. Yes, we used to operate telesales call centres in London, Glasgow and Mumbai. So selling by phone is in our blood.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, cold calling or account management, we’ve done it and written a course for it.

So you can rely on us to tailor your material from our huge knowledge base when we create your telesales training course.

We can go from the absolute basics through to note taking for predictive dialling environments, on to negotiation skills and every sales step in between.

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Telesales Training Needs Analysis.

The key is in our training needs analysis. We spend at least a day listening to and observing your team to see where we can add value to their selling skills.

Once completed, we’ll agree a brief with you and write closely tailored exercises and role plays to accurately reflect your market, your customers and how your products or services fit in.

The result will be a highly interactive one or two day training event. One where your team members will be guided to apply high quality sales skills to every day selling challenges. They’ll spend time working out how to improve their performance for themselves. Then, they’ll practice the skills in the classroom. And finally they’ll commit to testing their new skills back at work.

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Why Our Telesales Training Courses Work.

Telesales can sometimes be a repetitive job. And that repetition can dull your agents’ enthusiasm and skills.

So we developed our special training methodology to put some fun back into the job. To re-energise your team and help them enjoy learning and testing new ways to win that sale.

An important part of our training methodology is to create exercises where we guide your learners to work out the optimum solutions to everyday telesales challenges. The philosophy is that if they have worked out the answers for themselves and tested them in exercises and role plays, they should more readily buy into their application back at work.

To encourage your team to get on board with our approach, we make telesales training lots of fun, using music, fragrances, sweets, toys and lots more. In fact we engage all the senses in order to encourage all types of learners to get value from the course.

Our method really works, too – even with cynical old hands!

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