Training Salespeople

Training Salespeople – What We Do And How We Do It.

training salespeopleTraining salespeople is a complex business!

We have to blend the needs of the sponsoring manager, the organisation’s culture and the personalities and experience of your team. That applies to both field and telesales courses plus on-the-job coaching.

It all starts with an insightful needs analysis where our trainer observes your team at work, identifying their development needs.

Following the training needs analysis, we’ll agree a brief with the sponsoring manager. Then we’ll tailor a highly interactive training programme including exercises and role plays, specifically for your team.

Next, we’ll submit our agenda and workbook to you for approval and editing.

Once you’re happy, we’ll deliver the training to a maximum group size of 12 over one or two days.

Many clients like to follow these classroom days up with on-the-job coaching to make sure the training messages really “stick.”

Finally, we’ll provide a report on each learner’s ongoing training needs for your managers to take over.

From our end, it’s intense work while for the sponsoring manager we try to make it as easy and time efficient as possible. And you can be involved as much or as little as you like!

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How You Can Help Make Training Your Sales People A Success.

The secret to a high payback training event is to get the needs analysis right.

Experience shows us that your most experienced salespeople often feel they don’t need training and will work hard to avoid being assessed! Equally your less productive team members may be embarrassed and try to wriggle out of the needs analysis.

So we ask you to motivate them to participate by suggesting they’ve been specially selected for observation and that the trainer is only looking for areas where incremental gains can be made.

The chances are that across the sample, we’ll be able to improve a number of co questioning, listening, the use of features and benefits, vocabulary and closing. But let’s wait and see – every team is a bit different.

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How Long Does Training Salespeople Typically Take?

While our training courses are tailored to the needs of your team, typical patterns have developed for obvious commercial reasons!

A meaningful needs analysis will take approximately 4 half-days for field sales staff and half a day for telesales, to reflect the ease of reaching your team members.

Writing your classroom programme usually takes around two-four man-days to write. We’ll ask you to approve the materials in plenty of time for the agreed delivery days.

When everything’s approved and the materials are produced, every delegate and sponsoring manager will receive a workbook branded for your organisation.

In terms of delivery, most of our clients can only allow us one or two days classroom time because of the need to generate revenue, although occasionally we are given the luxury of three days per maximum group size of 12.

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